The Rideau Hall Foundation is an independent and non-political charitable organization established to mobilize ideas, people, and resources across the country to tap into our national spirit and help realize our shared aspirations. The RHF works closely with the Office of the Governor General and our many partners to connect, honour, and inspire Canadians.

The vision for the Rideau Hall Foundation is vast. It was founded out of the belief that given the opportunity – a question of resources but also simply connections – Canadians can realize breakthroughs in learning, leadership, giving, innovation and more. “More” because RHF was built in a spirit of constant innovation and a desire to continually do better. It’s about ideas and people – both of which resist distillation, categorization and boundaries. The leaders and many supporters of the Rideau Hall Foundation are here to make a real difference in Canada and around the world. In a symbol, we’re here to do +.