ALEX GODLEWSKI Development Coordinator

Alex joined the Rideau Hall Foundation from the Causeway Foundation, where she discovered her passion for non-profit development. As a Journalism graduate, she loves how stories connect people and purpose, which is why she is inspired to work for the RHF. Alex recently completed a graduate certificate in Event Management, and is a dual citizen of Canada and Poland. She loves to explore new places, and has an absurd obsession with tracking her steps.

ALICIA DOBSON Coordinator Arctic Inspiration Prize

Passionate about building community through connection, Alicia believes firmly in people and their capacity to come together and do amazing things. Having worked across sectors to support groups in advancing meaningful change, Alicia is always thinking of ways we can move the marker together. When she’s not collaborating on a new project, she will find any excuse to get outdoors for hiking, fishing, and fireside storytelling.

AMY MIFFLIN-SILLS Manager Innovation

Amy brings nearly 20 years’ experience as a federal public servant, including 8 years at the executive level. Amy has led policy analysis and framework development, program design and delivery, stakeholder relations and partnership development across a broad range of issues related to skills and the labour market. She has also served on the Board of Directors for non-for-profit organizations. Amy and her husband have two daughters, making them figure skating, hockey and soccer parents.

ANDREW BITEEN Manager Learning Initiatives

Andrew comes to the Rideau Hall Foundation with 10 years experience in university programming and administration. Andrew has worked in Canada and the United States on programs expanding access to post-secondary education. He also worked as a lawyer for about 5 weeks. When away from work, Andrew can often be found running, in the pool, or on his bike.

BARBARA GIBBON Director Innovation

Barbara Gibbon brings 20 years of experience in the public service of Canada to the Rideau Hall Foundation. Barbara’s career spans policy, communications and corporate roles at the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General, Transport Canada, Finance Canada and most recently as a Director General at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Barbara is married and has two teenage daughters.

CLAUDIA VERGARA Coordinator Finance

Claudia recently returned to Ottawa to join the RHF in the Finance Department. She came to accounting the long way: she studied at Algonquin College, worked as an electrical draftsperson in Saskatchewan and South Africa, as an accounts payable clerk in Oakville, ON, and as an office manager/bookkeeper in Melbourne, AU and San Diego, CA. Claudia’s children remain in California, her daughter having recently graduated from Whittier College and her son studying at the University of Redlands. There is still much more traveling in Claudia’s future.

INGRID MORRIN Coordinator Innovation

Ingrid has spent the majority of her professional life in the financial services industry, both in management and advisory roles.  After completing her MBA she had the opportunity to work in health policy development for the Government of the Northwest Territories.  She escaped the cold for a three-year adventure sailing in the Caribbean with her family before returning to Ottawa. In her spare time, Ingrid skis, sails, tours with the family on two tandem bicycles, and acts as a professional taxi driver for two volleyball daughters.


JILL CLARK Manager, Communications

Jill Clark is a communications professional who brings ten years of experience to her role at the Rideau Hall Foundation. For six years she lived and worked in south eastern France, heading up her own consulting firm for Swiss and French companies looking to expand into English-speaking markets. Jill believes in the power of strategic and thoughtful communication as an essential tool for meaningful engagement and valuable change. Jill spends her free time building her encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture and enjoying the great outdoors.

KATIE BLASCO Manager, Operations Arctic Inspiration Prize

Katie Blasco has over 15 years of experience working in the fields of science, communications and administrative management, most recently with ArcticNet and the Canadian research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen. She developed a passion for the Arctic during her time spent in remote field camps and communities across the North. Her quest for adventure continues to be assuaged through travel, writing and parenting.

Kelly-Ann Benoit
Kelly-Ann Benoit Special Assistant

Kelly-Ann Benoit joined the Rideau Hall Foundation in October 2017. She brings over 25 years of federal public service experience in a variety of sectors: the Department of Justice, the Federal Court of Canada, the Supreme Court of Canada, Parliament of Canada, the Summits Management Office, and the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General. Kelly-Ann is in her element when entertaining family and friends, and enjoys challenging outdoor activities.

MARIE-FRANCE BELLE-ISLE Administrative Coordinator

Originally from Hawkesbury in Eastern Ontario, Marie-France graduated from the public relations program at La Cité collégiale. She has worked for over four years as a legislative assistant for a member of the Official Opposition in the House of Commons.

Marie-France has participated in four different election campaigns, and acted as a campaign director in the 2015 federal election.

Maryanne Murphy
Maryanne Murphy Manager Innovation

Maryanne Murphy comes to the Rideau Hall Foundation with over 30 years of experience in the public service of Canada, including eighteen years as an executive. That career included leadership roles in consumer protection policy and in corporate governance, as well as industry sector and legal frameworks policy development work.

MÉLANIE BÉCHARD Communications Officer

Mélanie Béchard is a communications professional with 15 years experience, including working for various non-profit organizations like the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, and Universities Canada. She also spent four years as a reporter/photographer at a community newspaper in Northwestern Ontario. In the summer she and her husband spend as much time as possible in their large backyard vegetable garden.

NICK CSIRINYI Director Finance

Nick brings over 25 years of corporate accounting experience having worked in the private, public and not-for profit sectors. Nick has worked at a startup, large Crown corporations as well as a U.S. based Fortune 200 company. Nick enjoys working out and is an avid hot power yoga enthusiast.  He is married and has two daughters, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren…yes, great-grandchildren!

RACHEL FANCY Director Administration

Rachel Fancy is an administration professional who has spent the majority of her career working in non-profit Canadian theatre. Originally from the East Coast, Rachel has lived and worked across Canada and Europe. An avid reader and traveler she enjoys exploring new cultures with her husband but also returning to her adopted home of Ottawa.

SABRINA MARQUES Coordinator Innovation

Originally from Montreal, Sabrina Marques moved to Ottawa to complete her master’s degree in English literature. Since finishing school, Sabrina has worked for the government of Canada and a private government relations firm, and along the way discovered her passion for philanthropy, joining the Rideau Hall Foundation in April 2018. Sabrina is an avid photographer and practices yoga in her spare time.


Teresa Marques is an accomplished fundraising executive with extensive experience leading development teams in the healthcare and post-secondary education sectors. She is interested in how giving patterns in Canada are changing, and is seeking to drive social change through philanthropy while strengthening the non-profit sector in Canada.

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