When the Right Honourable David Johnston was installed as the 28th Governor General of Canada in 2010, he spoke of a vision for a smart and caring nation—where all Canadians can grow, succeed and contribute. The Rideau Hall Foundation’s goal is to widen the circle of giving by reinforcing giving as a fundamental Canadian value.

Patterns of generosity are changing in Canada and beyond–with crowd sourcing, micro-lending, global volunteerism, social enterprise and more–and yet little is known about how to modify the values and behaviours required to increase Canadians’ support of charitable and not for profit causes. The Rideau Hall Foundation is committed to taking a multi-sectoral and collaborative approach to strengthen giving in Canada – of time, talent and treasure.

The Giving Behaviour Project

The Giving Behaviour Project is an effort to better understand the current giving landscape in Canada, and to use that knowledge to help the non-profit sector incorporate evidence-based methods into their fundraising. To begin, three research papers will be released through late fall 2017 and early winter 2018, to add to the knowledge and evidence base of the sector on how giving in Canada is evolving, and to help foster a stronger culture of giving in Canada.

Podcast Series – The Ask

The RHF is excited to partner with KCI Canada on its inaugural podcast series focused on giving.  Four podcasts, to be made available throughout late fall 2017 and early winter 2018 will focus on research commissioned through the Giving Behaviour Project and begin a discussion about related to giving trends and motivations.

Logo for the Giving Behaviour Project

Listen to the first episode, featuring the Right Honourable David Johnston, 28th Governor General of Canada and Chair of the Rideau Hall Foundation.

KCI’s winter 2017 edition of Philanthropic Trends Quarterly also features highlights from the research.

The Giving Behaviour Project’s research, to be released sequentially over the fall 2017 and winter 2018, will focus on:

1. Thirty Years of Giving in Canada

The RHF partnered with Imagine Canada on this extensive research project that mined a range of public sources including CRA databases and Statistics Canada survey results to produce the most comprehensive long-range picture of individual giving in Canada.

Access the Executive Summary here.

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 Listen to Episode 2 of the KCI Philanthropy podcast The Ask, which explores Imagine Canada’s landmark study on giving in Canada.


2. Giving behaviour of Canadian millennials

The RHF partnered with Environics Research to create a social values segmentation of giving behaviour among Canadian millennials, including what giving means to them, and what drives them to give, and how the values that inform giving patterns are learned.

Access the research here.

View the research presentation here.

 Listen to the latest podcast from KCI Philantropy about Millennials and Philanthropy.

About Episode 3 of The Ask
Evidence based, solution focused, impact driven, system changing… rooted in relationships that foster connection, community, engagement and the freedom of choice. These words and phrases characterize the millennial generation’s approach to charity and doing good. In episode 3 of this four-part series on the Rideau Hall Foundation’s Giving Behaviour Project, we shine a light on millennials. Featuring conversations with Sarah Roberton, Vice President Corporate and Public Affairs at Environics Research, Scott Haldane, President & CEO of the Rideau Hall Foundation and Mitchell Kutney, co-founder and Chair of Just Change Ottawa, we explore the motivations, attitudes and behaviour of millennials when it comes to giving as well as what charities should do to connect with this generation.

3. How “nudging” can increase giving behaviour

To explore how behavioural science can be applied to the act of giving, the Rideau Hall Foundation partnered with Behaviourial Insights Team (BIT), the MS Society of Canada and Canada’s Privy Council Office on a series of trials to contribute to a deeper understanding of how giving can be more strongly encouraged.

The Giving Behaviour Project is a legacy project of My Giving Moment, a campaign to encourage Canadians to give of their time, talent, and treasure. Spearheaded by the Office of the Governor General, the campaign wrapped up in spring 2017 having successfully helped Canadians discover what they had to give.