Governors general are deeply interested in the education of Canadians, and encourage learning as a way for them to advance themselves and their communities. Equality of opportunity and the improvement of learning outcomes across the country are critical to ensuring a productive and prosperous nation. Within the Learning portfolio, the Rideau Hall Foundation is focused on international student mobility, Indigenous education, and innovative support for at-risk and disadvantaged youth at the post-secondary level.

Queen Elizabeth Scholars

Currently, only 3% of Canadian students experience study abroad – this is one of the lowest percentages among Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. ... Read More

Indigenous Youth Well-Being

A journey where education, mentorship, culture, family and community play an integral role and need to be in balance with each other ... Read More

Learning partnership for Indigenous youth

Indigenous youth make up the fastest growing demographic in Canada, yet their levels of education attainment are far below those of other Canadians. ... Read More