Our Partners

The Rideau Hall Foundation works strategically with partner organizations and funders to build capacity, help bring projects to scale nationally, and to realize aspirations for Canada. Our unique platform – a ‘with, not by’ approach – and close association with the Office of the Governor General allows us to welcome multiple perspectives and sectors to the table, and to work collaboratively towards creative new solutions addressing Canada’s key challenges.

Critical to the success of Rideau Hall Foundation will be our ability to work with partners at any point during their lifecycle. The RHF will help organizations at any juncture to establish a common fact base or define a problem, to mobilize assets, or test and validate potential solutions and commitments. The RHF will rarely implement the “solution” but, rather, curate conditions and accountability for the solution to be implemented by others. The RHF will play an important stewardship role by developing relationships that build shared leadership, a joint contribution approach, and shared value.

RHF’s platform for partnership has proven the success of our model:

Because of the RHF’s synergetic partnership with the Office of the Governor General, thousands of Canadians who make their communities stronger and better through quiet and unsung acts of generosity will be honoured by our Governor General;

Because of RHF’s partnership with Universities Canada and Community Foundations of Canada, the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program (also known as the QES program) will enable more than 3,000 young people to study, learn and contribute abroad, where they will develop essential skills of collaboration, adaptability, and empathy that underscore Canadian values and our long-term aspirations in the global community;

Because of RHF’s partnership with the Trustees of the Arctic Inspiration Prize, innovations that lead to the improved livelihoods, health and well-being of people and communities across Canada’s North are being celebrated and acknowledged with prizes totalling up to $3 million per year;

Because of the RHF’s strong relationships, ability to catalyse projects, and mobilize partnerships:

  • Thousands of at-risk and disadvantaged youth will benefit from the most advanced methodologies, technologies and other tools to close the gap on educational quality and access across the country;
  • Young entrepreneurs from across the country will develop our next innovative technologies and will be celebrated and encouraged, and will see themselves as Canada’s innovators – not tomorrow, but today;
  • Indigenous youth from coast to coast to coast will be equipped with community and financial support that will propel them into higher education.

To discuss a possible partnership with the Rideau Hall Foundation, please contact:

Teresa Marques
President and CEO